Continuous Improvement Programme Deployment

Step 1: Voice of the Customer

As a first step we will work with you to gather insights into your organisation. This will enable us to develop a Continuous Improvement Programme tailored to your needs. We can do this in a number of ways:

  • Workforce survey
  • Structured voice of the customer interviews (leadership team and/or senior managers)
  • Continuous Improvement & Reliability Maturity Assessment, business data and process analysis (to assess quality and efficiency)

Step 2: Strategy Development

We will work with you to develop your Continuous Improvement Strategy, aims and key objectives, aligned with your strategic objectives, together with a roadmap for your Continuous Improvement Journey.

Step 3: Organisational Structure

Depending on your long term Continuous Improvement goals, you may want to establish a dedicated Continuous Improvement team. The size of the team will depend on how quickly you want to implement your programme. We can help you define the skills and competencies of the resources you will need to support this.

Alternatively, you may wish to build up a network of ‘Continuous Improvement Champions’, who will be responsible for identifying improvement opportunities and delivering improvements. We have training and mentoring options which can ensure they develop the necessary competency to do this along side their ‘day job’

Step 4: Programme Governance

It is important that you develop governance both for the roll out and day to day management of your Continuous Improvement Programme. Our experts can help you design standard operating procedures for your programme that blend with your existing management procedures. This will include governance for the identification and prioritisation of improvement initiatives, delivery progress monitoring and reporting as well as benefits realisation. We will also provide the necessary tools so that your new improved processes are adopted as ‘business as usual’.

Step 5: Leadership Buy-in

We will work with you to ensure engagement and buy-in from your leadership team and key stakeholders in the business. This will start with a detailed stakeholder analysis so we can determine how supportive your leadership are of the programme. Once we identify where they are we can work to bring them onboard. This can be done via:

  • Leadership Continuous Improvement Training
  • One to one engagement interviews
  • Continuous Improvement Programme presentations

Step 6: Continuous Improvement Programme Deployment

We will help you decide how you want to roll-out your programme. You may wish to go for a full organisation-wide roll-out or you may decide to conduct a pilot within one particular department. A smaller pilot has the benefit of delivering incremental changes/quick-wins that don’t disrupt business but help get buy-in to the benefits of the programme. Programmes delivered in this way, are generally more likely to be sustained long-term.

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