Continuous Improvement Mentoring

Our aim is to bring continuous improvement capability to your organisation in a way that supports the development of a true culture of continuous improvement.

This approach focuses on the delivery of ongoing incremental improvements, so that business can carry on simultaneously.

We support organisations to identify and prioritise improvement opportunities and deliver real sustainable change to improve their competitive advantage.

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Timswoods, 8 Wastes.

Process Improvement

Our experts work with you to review your current processes (‘As is’ process mapping) to identify ‘pain points’, sources of waste and non-value add activity.

We work with your subject matter experts to explore the causes of wastes and generate and prioritise potential solutions to you take you to your future, ideal, ‘To be Process’.

Change Management

We work with you to ensure your improvement projects result in real, sustainable change by providing you with a change management framework for implementation.

We also support the delivery of larger transformational change programmes, framed to reflect the longer improvement journey and supported to deliver against strategic benefits and outcome.

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Continuous Improvement Programme Deployment

MAJCI will work with your organisation to create a robust Continuous Improvement Programme & deployment plan that will enable change and improvements in your business and build a culture of continuous improvement.

Building a culture of continuous improvement will enable your organisation to remain current but also sufficiently agile to adapt and successfully manage change rather than being purely driven by market forces.

CI Programme Deployment is tailored to the needs of your organisation but typically done in six key stages.